Bande​-​son pour la survie

Vanishing Shores

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'Soundtrack for Survival'

While quarantine halted the completion of the next Vanishing Shores record, I decided to have a few of my demos mixed for an official release. These songs were approached without an insistence on perfecting every note and performance. I wanted the songs to keep the original heart and passion of each ragged expression. No masks. No pretense. Indie rock without excuses.

I sent these songs to Robbie Hamilton to mix and he also added a number of beautiful textures and harmonies to the songs and co-produced. Very grateful for his creative input and friendship. It was also very meaningful to me to reconnect with him after over 20 years.

As we all reflect on the madness of this year, it is my deep desire that we will grow more expansive in our love for one another and definitively reject the things that tear us apart.

Kevin Bianchi July 27th, 2020

"Hope is a dark train as it travels to the dawn."

Produced by Robbie Hamilton and Kevin Bianchi Mixed by Robbie Hamilton at Strange Magic Recording Mastered by Adam Boose for Cauliflower Audio

All songs written by Kevin Bianchi 2020 JacobOwen Music (SESAC)

Special thanks to Nic Tyler

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