Vanishing Shores is a Cleveland born, indie rock band. After releasing a debut EP in 2018 and two singles in early 2020, the band is about to unveil both a new EP (‘Soundtrack for Survival’) and a full length album, Maps (Early 2021). 

Best known for their emotive and anthemic songwriting on indie rock inspired works like “Always” and “Fix Me”, Soundtrack for Survival showcases a different side of the band. This beautifully stripped down set of songs was created from a collection of demos from Kevin Bianchi and finalized during the isolation of quarantine. “Without being able to complete our second album Maps due to the restrictions of quarantine, I decided to go back to some songs that had remained unfinished and unreleased. While they were initially written apart from the current situation we find ourselves in as a country and a global community, I feel that they reflect the weight of the longing we all feel for connection and intimacy during these strange days of dislocation. The basic need to hear the voice and feel the touch of those we love has taken on a much greater importance than I think we had realized in the past. These songs are a reflection of waking from a long sleep to once again see what is most important in our lives.” 

While each of these songs began alone, the band presented these songs to Chicago based musician and producer Robbie Hamilton (Strange Magic Recordings) to finalize and mix. Bianchi states: “One of the added gifts of these songs, for me, was the opportunity to re-connect with Robbie Hamilton after almost 20 years. We grew up and went to high school together, but had not really spoken for a very long time. To have Robbie work on these demos really brought out the emotion and relationship focus of the songs in a very powerful way for me. I never release any songs that I don’t connect with on an emotional level first and so presenting these songs in a more lo-fi and stripped back format brings all of their vulnerability to the absolute forefront and creates a moment where the listener can connect their own journey to the listening experience.” 

Influenced by diverse artists such as Neil Finn, David Bowie, and Elvis Costello, Vanishing Shores is not 'business as usual' but a band that pursues beauty wherever it may lead. As the band continues to develop, each song points to a future that is filled with limitless potential, founded on the power of music and the community it creates. 

Soundtrack for Survival arrives digitally on August 21st and will also have a limited edition CD release.