Formed in Cleveland, OH as a vehicle for singer/songwriter Kevin Bianchi, Vanishing Shores is a band that pursues beauty wherever it may lead. Combining the melodic elements of Britpop with the urgency of Indie Rock, Vanishing Shores has spent the last three years exploring a musical journey that is both intensely personal and universal in its focus. The band has released 2 EPs, a live Album, and one full studio album to date. They are currently completing their second studio album, 'Possible Light', with a targeted release in the summer of 2024. Bolstered by regional radio support, strong press reviews, and a persistent fanbase in both the US and Canada, Vanishing Shores continues to hint at the unlimited potential of the band to craft substance within an indie rock idiom. The band is passionately dedicated to a bold future where their music becomes a vital part of the shared experiences of their audience. 

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Press / Reviews

With big, indie guitars, catchy vocal hooks, and powerful, booming bass, the mix, and performances make you feel as if you’re sitting in the room with the band as they play. ” - Joe Vitagliano

American Songwriter

Elements of Laurel Canyon pop craftsmanship remain evident, but 'Maps' finds the songwriter digging deep and letting emotion pour through his voice in courageous and beautiful acts of purification and communion.” - Jeff Elbel

Illinois Entertainer

Bianchi is eternally restless, always listening and engaging with the world around him to capture truth and beauty and to wrestle with their larger implications in song.” - Jenna Melanson

Canadian Beats

Diversity and storytelling make Vanishing Shores a band to look out for when you need original sounds and clever composition.” - Big Takeover Exclusives

Big Takeover

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