New Single - 'We Still Own the Night'

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest single, ‘We Still Own the Night’. 

Bianchi shares of the single: “I wrote ‘We Still Own the Night’ to promote a feeling of defiant love. Traditionally, the ‘night’ is something that brings about a certain sense of the unknown and fear. However, when we live a life of selfless love, there is nothing that can overcome us or that we can’t ‘transform’, even the darkest of nights. I wanted to affirm the reality that love can truly conquer whatever attempts to tear us down and separate us from having meaningful relationships and welcoming communities. Sometimes in our pursuit of innovation, as artists, we forget that the most important goal is connection. This song wants to connect with the listener and join with them in a spirit of true and fearless love. If the first and last word is love, there is nothing we cannot overcome. It was with that intention in mind that we created a restless energy with the musical arrangement. It surges and moves forward in a tireless way, weaving together the synth and guitar in an anthemic way where moments are transformed in an expression of defiant love and fear is abandoned forever.”

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