From the recording Vanishing Shores

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Produced by Dave Douglas
Written by Kevin Bianchi
Copyright 2018 JacobOwen Music (SESAC)

Kevin Bianchi: Vocals
Justin Hartman: Harmonies
Dave Douglas: Drums and Bass
Mark Lee Townsend: Guitar
Jerry Popiel: Guitar
Ray Flanagan: Guitar
Rob Kovacs: Keyboard and Strings
Brian Bianchi: Percussion


Kids are sleeping
The summer is fading
One more drink and I'll finish this landing

Kids are sleeping
The band keeps playing
We wait at the bar for seconds of everything

We always laugh it off
But it leaves a mark
The fading in
The fading out
Of the thing we need the most

Kids are sleeping
Into the late evening
Pick up your phone
You have a message waiting

Slow down

Copyright 2018 JacobOwen Music (SESAC)